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Damn Bones
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Junk Drumset (now 5 LI!)
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Series 1 Drum Kit - Blue
virtual drum set buy now

The series 1 Drum Kit has a vintage look and great sounds. 10 Original sound loops recorded by Oblee on DW drums accompany this 12LI Drum set that works with all other Thunk! Drums. Mod/Copy/NoTrans

Gecko Djembe
virtual djembe buy now

A good Djembe is the cornerstone of any healthy drum circle... Like the ferocious little creature who adorns its side, this Djembe is sure to stand out! It contains 11 original loops by Oblee, is 3LI, and is mod/copy/notransfer.

Wooden Congas
virtual congas buy now

Our wooden Congas will hold down the beat with 10 sweet loops played on excellent congas in RL. A few different animations are found inside these copyable drums.

Handheld Percussion Pack
virtual cowbell buy now

This includes a Cowbell, 2 Clave, A Tamborine & A Shaker. Between them all there are 30 original loops. Join any Thunk! drum circle even if you can't rez. These are Mod/No Copy/Transfer so you can share with a friend!

virtual didgeridoo buy now

In sync with the drum circle, the low, rumbling din of the didgeridoo is calming and seductive! This wearable instrument is Mod/NoCopy/Transfer

virtual bongos buy now

Wearable, transferable, and with great sound loops, these will be a hit in any drum circle!

Cigar Box Guitar
Cigar Box Geetar buy now

This is a totally unique instrument, and the sounds are from the real thing. There are even two versions, both transferable, so you can jam with a friend. One plays rhythm one plays more lead. They're in rhythm sync with other Thunk! instruments and in the key of C#. Includes a non scripted deco version.

MPC/Drum Machine
virtual drum machine buy now

11 killer electronic grooves that play in sync with all other Thunk! drums. They mix perfectly with the organic drums! Mod/Copy/NoTrans

Tongue Drum
Virtual Tongue Drum buy now

This little box has a lot of thump when it is played. 10 Original loops recorded by Oblee from his real tongue drum. It is just 1LI and Mod/Copy/NoTrans

3d drum circle buy now